The Headless Haunting of Berengar Manor

Wed 11 November 2020

The Headless Haunting of Berengar Manor has been released! It is a level 1 to 2 adventure written by Timothy Lanz.

Cover Photo

Dark rumors have been whispered in the village for years of the vile deeds of Berengar the Brutal and his wife Ra'za'zsu the Cruel. Their manor, now long abandoned, still haunts the nightmares of those who worked there in their youth. When two of Berengar's fromer servants go missing and their grandson seeks help in finding them, will your adventurers be ready?


Preview of VTT maps (The preview is of just one of the five maps at 50px, but 70px and 150px versions are available.)

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Goodman Games Link

Adventure On RPG LLC is closing business by the end of 2020. Once the copies run out this adventure will be out of print.

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