Geas of the Star-chons (Thursday)- DCC Days Online

Sun 31 May 2020

I'll be running Geas of the Star-chons

It’s another bawdy night at the Sleeping Toad and each of you is lost in your own special form of debauchery when the sounds of the crowd are suddenly hushed. The clanking of tankards and the rattle of dice fade away as a hooded figure moves through the crowd toward the table at which you are gathered. Each of you feels compelled to gaze at the lean, white-robed figure as it draws back its hood, completely ignored by all other patrons of the Toad. The figure has no face at all; in its place is a black abyss filled with glittering stars.


REQUIREMENTS: Install and setup up both your Fantasy Grounds Unity and Discord clients PRIOR to the day of the event! Contact me prior to June 11th on Discord if you need help!

Discord Invite:

Fantasy Grounds Unity Client (Windows):

Fantasy Grounds Unity Client (Mac):

There will be a selection of pregenerated characters for attendees to use.

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