Intro to Fantasy Grounds with Return to Portal Under the Stars!

Wed 22 April 2020

Would you like an introduction to using Fantasy Grounds to run and play Dungeon Crawl Classics? That is exactly what this is intended to do. We'll be using my discord server for voice chat.

I'll run a heavily modified version of Portal under the starts. You'll start out as a level-0 peasant but advance to 1st level mid session.

Limited to 5 people. To get the most out of this session please contact matt.carr on discord if you need help setting up the software. Contact matt.carr at this server:

I'll cover:

  • Making a level 0 character
  • Leveling up an existing character
  • Combat
  • Spell-casting
  • Temporary and permanent stat loss

If time permits I'll also cover:

  • Adding a custom weapon (handy for backstab)
  • Adding a custom effect (good for those magic items)

REQUIREMENTS: Install and setup up both your Fantasy Grounds Unity and Discord clients PRIOR to the day of the event! Contact me prior to April 16th on Discord if you need help! You can use the free demo version of the software but you will need to set up a login on

Discord Invite:

Fantasy Grounds Unity Client (Windows):

Fantasy Grounds Unity Client (Mac):

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